Raw Pu Erh

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Raw Pu erh originates from Yunnan, China. They are the most fascinating of all the tea groups and steeped in history!
Their living and breathing with naturally occurring yeast and bacteria which ferments the cakes slowly over time and are truly alive! These teas start life green and bursting with energy. Over the years and decades they will settle down, bringing on more interesting flavours and nuances. Many seek Raw pu erh for ‘Cha Qi’ or tea energy. The feeling one can obtain through drinking Raw Pu erh is one of high energy, alertness and at the same time a deep feeling of calm and contentment! You need to try it to understand. Pu erh is the earliest know cultivated tea and have been used for at least 2500 years. Chinese traditional medicine view raw pu erh as a medicine for its cooling properties and ability to treat various conditions.

Flavours of Raw Pu erh can range from, grassy, straw, stone fruits, camphor, forest floor, herbal, citrus, pine, orchid, wood. Usually sold as bricks or cakes, Storage is another important factor in these teas flavour. A cake stored in a humid area such as Hong Kong will taste different to a cake stored in (less humid) U.K. Most Pu erhs will taste better with age, fine examples of popular aged Pu Erh commanding extreme prices!
Marked weight Raw tea cakes, bricks and tuo are indicative of the tea’s weight at pressing. Subsequent water loss after processing may lead to a slight reduction of stated weight. All sales of 100g samples and under will not be effected!
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Showing 1–16 of 62 results