2004 Yushisanhe ‘Lao Shu Cha’ Yiwu Puerh Tea Cake


Lay back and chill with this 2004 Yiwu number!


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This tea cake has been priced to shift quick! The quality is higher than the asking price!

Yushisanhe (name of the brand),  Lao shu cha, literally meaning old tree tea. 2004 Yiwu material repackaged in 2009. Slight signs of bamboo worm destruction on some wrappers, the tea is fully in tact.  During this period of production it was quite normal to conduct a blend of everything the farm or farms had to offer. This cake is most likely no exception, probably a blend of higher grade material.

The rinse has a shifting complexity of aroma moving from earth to deep sweetness, hay and tobacco. The broth is a copper orange. This cake is so laid back it’s almost horizontal!

Very soft texture that lubricates the mouth well and encourages salivation. Slight mineral frontal nature early on. Quite a noticeable and long lasting hui gan and returning sweetness from the first infusion. The sweetness and frontal characteristics develop quickly. When pushed the flavour displays a clean Guangdong storage taste, maybe a touch of earth, spicy background notes if you search for it. Chi builds slowly, being relaxing and meditative. Low bitterness even when pushed out. Later on the sweetness pops and the hui gan may turn more herbal. Overall a good cake that displays aftertaste , texture,Guangdong ageing And old skool chi very well.

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1 Tong (7 cakes), 100g, 20g, 357g Cake, 50g


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