Wholesale Loose Tea

Wholesale Loose Tea

Let’s work together to help establish your brand and provide the perfect options for you and your clients. We source all of our tea fresh and direct from China. 

Wholesale Green tea U.K

Wholesale Black tea U.K

Wholesale Oolong tea U.K

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Wholesale White tea U.K

Wholesale Puerh tea U.K

Only focusing on quality loose leaf teas: 

The market and availability for budget loose tea is vast and we’re not in it! All of the tea’s we purchase and offer are of a certain base quality that our clients have come to expect. We will not offer you anything less. we offer many single estate tea and rare varieties that simply can not be found outside China. 

Make you client’s say “wow”!

If your looking for premium and natural loose tea with no flavourings that will create that “wow” moment for your clients. Teas that will give your clients a taste experience they’ve never had, something different, and in some cases unique, your in the right place.

From 1kg:

All wholesale prices for our loose tea start from as little as 1 kg per item and our wholesale Pu Erh tea cakes from 1 tong (7 cakes). Please reach out to us today and find out how we can help! 


email: info@theteaguru.co.uk

Call/text/WhatsApp: 07830384856