2019 ‘Cosmo’ Spring Manzhaun Gushu Huang Pian


Soft, creamy with sparks of peach.


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Cosmo is comprised of 100% Spring Manzhaun Gushu Huang Pian material. Huang Pian are the outer most lightly coloured leafs that don’t ordinarily make it to market and are taken out of normal Gushu offerings.

Peach apricot aroma off the wet leaf. The brewed liquor is a light golden colour. A soft mouthfeel. Early steeps the drinker should notice sparks of sweetness and peach, slight vegetation on the finish and an overall creamy feel and taste. Chi may start to build quite early being subtle but pushy if that makes sense! Bitterness and astringency pretty low with a very subtle peach hui gan. A mellow, easygoing number in 2020, time will tell how this develops!

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1 Tong (7 cakes), 100g, 20g, 357g Cake, 50g


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