Taste Your Tea’s Story.

What sets a trendy fad apart from authentic change, is what’s behind it. Pu Erh tea is backed by the ancient skill and culture of China – the land of tea mastery. Their appreciation of each cup of tea’s unique character is based on a deep understanding of its journey.

The tea tree has its roots buried deep into the soil, absoring nutrients and minerals specific to its surroundings. This coming together of earth, water, and air grows leaves filled with the spirit of nature while carrying a one-of-a-kind taste. After a careful fermentation process, these dried leaves develop various notes of flavour that are gradually released in hot water.

While we carry a wide range of teas from China and Taiwan, it is Pu Erh that is our dearest thanks to its complex nature and rich rewards.

Pu Erh is not just your next cuppa – it’s your next companion with a tale to tell.

The Home Of Pu Erh Tea In The UK

We love GREAT tea. We stock the largest selection of Ripe and Raw Pu Erh tea inside the UK with offerings from the ‘Menghai Tea Factory’, Xiaguan. We also stock in-house productions – teas that you just can’t find anywhere else on the Western market. We regularly visit China in search of new and interesting tea for your tea table!

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