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About Us

About Us

We go in search of the most exciting teas with the most interesting, unique flavours from China and Taiwan, putting them all in one place for you to try! Our wide range of exotic, high-quality teas are available online, and includes the largest selection of Ripe Pu Erh and Raw Pu Erh tea in the UK. Our products are made for both enthusiasts and newcomers, and we are happy to give you the guidance you may need. This inclusive collection is made up of loose tea and cakes ranging from trusted brands to rare teas from small farms. What we can guarantee is that every kind of tea has received our stamp of approval – and our standards are high!

What is all the buzz about?

Loose tea really is an afforable luxury. It is a world away from ordinary tea bags and you can get the most out of your tea in terms of flavour and richness if you use appropriate tea ware conveniently stocked at Tea Guru. For example, brewing tea using the Chinese method called Gong Fu unlocks nuances you didn’t even know existed!

Beyond this symphony of tastes, you also stand to reap the numerous health benefits. From lowering blood pressure to lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, your body will reward you for including this powerful antioxidant in your daily routine.

All loose tea and Pu Erh teas are available from our Guildford base by appointment only

Our base is located in the town of Guildford in Surrey. This town is a mere 27 miles southwest of central London and easy to reach from both the capital and Portsmouth. But there’s no need to drop by for some top-notch loose tea – we’re happy to deliver it to most addresses in the UK. We’d certainly drink to that!