2010 Mengku ‘Wild Arbor King’ Raw Puerh Tea Cake


A strong tea in taste and feeling.

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500g cake

It’s been a while since a factory production has impressed me. I’ve tasted middle aged WAK (4-8 years dryish stored) in the past and have been pretty disappointed. Those cakes just seemed to flatline after the young energy faded away. This GZ stored Mengku tea is alive and kicking, a fighter in the cup and in the head 😂!

Sweet syrup and hay on rinse . Colour a very dark orange. Bitterness quite apparent still. Generally quite savoury with notes of wood and tobacco coupled with a sweet aged taste. There’s definitely an underlying wet stone like minerality that runs throughout the infusions. Aftertaste is slightly sweet apricot. Mouthfeel is fair early on but actually improves over a few steps becoming smoother. Chi is here and it’s fairly swift to act in its energetic but stoney character. The chi is also pretty long lasting. A strong tea in taste and feeling.

For a full read on the Mengku brand and this famous recipe please take a look at our 2018 WAK listing.

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  1. Robert Clarke (verified owner)

    Love this, at first tasting I was “meh ” However , I must have been having an off day.
    I had put it to one side untill today.. SO pleased I had more !
    Nice and strong , but fresh.. flavour lasted a fair while in my mouth.
    “Stoney” , mouth feel . It has a sweet taste , Makes you want to slow down and savior it.
    Liked it so much , I have now have a full cake !

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