2007 CNNP Fulvshouxi Raw Puerh 100g Brick


Tobacco notes with hints of light smoke and cedar coupled with a subtle aged taste.

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CNNP is a massive puerh brand. You could, and still can see their cakes in budget stores and discerning tea drinkers collections alike. Buying a CNNP cake in the past was a bit of a lottery ticket! In the past it was open to pretty much anyone that wanted to process their Mao Cha in to cakes and have a wrapper. These days CNNP has cleaned up their act a little…

This cute brick is pretty simple to prise apart with a puerh pick so no problems there. Sweet and syrup like fruity aroma off the first rinse. Think deep mulled or stewed fruit. A Slight tobacco nature to the aroma too. Colour of the broth is dark amber.

Although this tea is clearly ageing it does feel quite lively still.  Standard style brewing brings a balanced astringency/bitterness , time is calming this tea but it’s still kicking. Heavy sessions with longer infusion times and / or more leaf will bring out more pleasant bitterness and forceful flavour. Texture is acceptable. Contrary to the aroma the tea is quite savoury in nature. Tobacco notes and hints of light smoke and cedar coupled with a subtle aged taste and a wisp of hui gan. The tea gets more vegetal and slightly sweet later on while remaining ‘lively’. Slight energetic chi may be noticed. 


  1. Joel (verified owner)

    This is a nicely aged middle-of-the-road sheng. No fireworks going off, but a good aged tea taste, and I got a pleasantly dreamy cha qi from it – maybe I was just tired. I didn’t taste the smokiness mentioned in the description. Very good value for money.

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