2005 Gushu Huang pian Pillar


Smooth with an abundance of Cha Qi!

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This massive lump of Gushu has spent 7 years resting in humid Banna & 6 years in Guangdong. The material is 100% Yiwu area Gushu Huang Pian. Very infusable, 15 + infusions. Smooth and devilishly easy to quaff down. Cha Qi will slap you some respect for this tea. The aroma off the rinse is complex, syrup sweet with Ripe Pu aspects. The general aroma of the tea is now fairly homogenous,  If you push the tea out for 15 seconds or more you will receive a lovely stone fruit character to the broth. Unbeatable aged Gushu tea bargain!


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  1. Joel Stern

    Bought this tea a year ago (June 2018). At the time it was enjoyable – wood, leather and subtle fruit; strong qi. I have stored it for a year and just tried it again. Seems like a big transformation; more leather and wood, less fruit – like a good shu pu’er. A roasty, but not smokey, aroma lurking in there, a bit like bancha. Quite complex. The soup also seems more viscous than it was a year ago – not sure why that would be. Qi snuck up on me and hit full force after the third or fourth infusion. In all, a nice tea and the better for the storage, particularly if you like your shu pu’ers.

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