2006 Xiaguan ‘Te Ji’ Raw Puerh Tuo (Guangdong Storage)


Aged 12 years in Guangdong this tuo comes in at a great price!

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‘Xiaguan’ is most likely the 2nd most famous Puerh factory in Yunnan after the Menghai Tea Factory (Dayi). This ‘Te Ji’ tuo is a faily newer arrival to the Xiaguan brand, production started in 2003. When new this cute little boxed tuo would have tasted anything but cute! Starting out life full of force, brash and shouty they have been transformed with 12 years of guangdong aging. Taste is slightly smokey, woody front, maybe a touch of sea brine and a floral after taste. Age has gifted this little tuo a graceful smooth texture which makes this tea seriously chuggable! Sweetness pops a little after a few infusions and bitterness levels (although having dropped considerably since 2005) are lying around 3/10 area. Tasting well balanced right now this tea still has room to grow. If you like the sample I would grab 3 tuo to slowly session with over the next few years.

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100g cake, 10g


  1. David Black (verified owner)

    My first time drinking aged Raw Pu Erh. Quite a surprise. It’s recognisable as Raw Pu Erh but it’s really like tasting the forest floor. May be cheap but very enjoyable.

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