2010 Weidong Tea Factory ‘Mengku’ Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake


This tea is in a really good place right now. A balanced semi aged Mengku!

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Weidong Tea Factory are a fairly prolific brand offering Ripe & Raw Pu Erh tea cakes from Lincang area. We used to stock some Weidong semi aged Ripe cakes a while back and definitely have them on the radar for future offerings! This 2010 Mengku example is Guandong stored and in a really good place to drink now! Slight frontal sweetness, the sweetness carries into a sweet aftertaste. The GD storage helps to balance this tea out. Astringency, bitterness, sweetness, aged tste all at evened positions making this tea a joy to glug down. The material is most likely a blend of plantation / young trees.

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