2002 ‘Wanzi’ Yiwu Raw Puerh Tea Cake


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An old Yiwu blend. Clean aged aroma off the rinse with complex touch’s of  pipe tobacco smoke and soil. This has been stored carefully, you don’t need to skip the first few infusions. Aroma and bite builds slowly over the infusions. The thin layer of astringency creeps to create a satisfying aftertaste with subtle sparks of sweetness, smoke and tobacco. The forward aroma of this tea is fair with light soil, smokey edges and subtle sweetness. Texture is bouncy smooth with no real mouth pucker. I notice chi after 5 infusions, creeping mediative energy. This is a lazy aged tea that’s very approachable.

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1 Tong (7 cakes), 100g, 20g, 357g Cake, 50g


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