2007 Feng Qing F7813 Raw Pu Erh Cake


Low bitterness, Pinewood / herbal flavour and aftertaste.

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(F7813) The recipe for this cake was created in 1978  with an average grade 1 leaves (tippy grade). the number 3 signifies the factory the cake originates from. Dry stored in Kunming (Yunnan) until 2016. The Feng Qing tea factory (now part of the Dianhong Group) is the largest factory in Lincang area of Yunnan. The wrapper clearly shows 2006 but the date of pressing stamp shows 2007.

This Raw puerh started out life as a real brute but has lost the large majority of its bitterness and astringency and can be pushed if required. Typical Feng Qing Factory taste. A subtle smokey note is attached to the layers of pine,wood. Over all there is a dominating herbal flavour to this tea which carries on through and lingers on the palette. A slight sweetness is starting to poke through which is apparent in the aftertaste and lingers at the back of the mouth. I feel this will enhance with age. The broth is a clear, turning yellow.

May 2023 tasting: 

‘’For sure it’s smoothed out a bunch, much nicer mouthfeel. The classic FQ pine note that I’ve noticed in EVERY SINGLE FQ raw cake (bar one) is subsiding somewhat and turning less bright and more deep, (imagine opening an old chest of drawers…that’s it.  Still bitterness when pushed but it’s very tolerable and pleasant. Slight returning sweetness might be noticed along with some energetic chi. It goes to show that age can generate chi even in factory material 👍. ‘’

Coming at a great price, this is a semi aged tea that anyone can afford to drink every day!

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