2007 Mengku ‘Spring Tips’ Raw Puerh Tea Cake


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Interestingly, I used to disregard this recipe years ago, until I found on a blind tasting  a few years ago that actually it has a lot going for it considering it’s price point . A bias busting blind tasting can teach wonders!

Early spring and as it’s name suggests, it’s a tip heavy blend of Mengku material. This carefully stored 2007 Guangzhou example is nothing like its fresh counterpart. The cake looks dark and oily. Deep slightly savoury aroma off the rinse. A clean dark copper broth. A healthy amount of tingling astringency still remains when pushed. Mouthfeel is fair-smooth. Quite a dark, woody and savoury character with a hint of earth if you search for it. This tea does make me picture a dark damp forest, far from the rumbling of civilisation. Chi can be noticed from infusion one and is energetic. I do find it fascinating that a budget cake like this (given enough time) can produce a nice chi, I think it’s incredible and interesting!

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