‘Happy Place’ 2019 Spring Gao Shan Gushu Huang Pian


A meditative chi, not pushy, just super relaxing and chilled…I’m in my ‘happy place’.

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Where is your ‘happy place’? A place where you can tap in, reconnect, recharge and upon leaving be refreshed to take on the world!

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve tasted better value for money at this price point in my life! A banger!
100% 2019 spring Gushu from Goa Shan in Yiwu.  Bright Sweet fresh fruit aroma off the wet leaf. Super clean light golden liquor, check the pic! Pure tasting and soft Sweet frontal honey suckle vegetive notes. The astringency is almost tonic like, think bubbly San Pellegrino sparkling water that been sitting for 30 mins, the hint of tonic left in the water. Soft bitterness. Mouthfeel is soft. Hui Gan mimicking the frontal flavours well. The flavour will get more fruity as the infusions carry on, think summer fruits and maybe buttery peach. Bitterness levels rise slightly and sweetness apparent in the cheeks when pushed, a fairly forgiving tea here, definitely not a brute, give it some welly if you must, you will be rewarded! A creeping meditative chi, not pushy, just super relaxing and chilled…I’m in my ‘happy place’.

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  1. Christopher Wills (verified owner)

    “Gin and Tonic.” – Using low mineral content (soft) spring water will transform the drying tonic mouth-feel, bringing more juicy and up-front citrus sweetness (dash of honey/twist of lime/grapefruit). The short hui gan is also drying to start and interestingly swings between sour and sweet, prompting tight bursts of saliva moving towards liquorice in the finish , especially drying in the cheaks. The sha qing processing is on the green side and this would benefit from some age. Stable performance over multiple steepings. Tastes like young feisty gushu with a medium-thick, clean, green/gold soup. Use standard amount of leaf with 2.5 X the length of steeping rather than use more leaf.
    BOILED – Softer mouth-feel, tonic taste is restrained, slight honey/orchid/ floral notes, mild but more stable hui gan coming a minute later. Warmer gold soup.

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