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If your new to Ripe Pu erh we recommend you try anything by the ‘MENGHAI TEA FACTORY’. Menghai is largely seen as the benchmark for Ripe Puerh tea.
Ripe Pu Erh is a dark, earthy tea from Yunnan, China. The taste is deep, rich, smooth and earthy with sweet notes such as caramel or cocoa.
Ripe Pu Erh is a tea that has undergone a heavy fermentation process. Raw Pu erh is piled for around 45 days and the natural bacteria that multiply create a whole host of health benefits including natural Lovastatins. This tea reduces blood sugar levels and can potentially lower cholesterol.

Ripe Pu erh can come as loose leaf, compressed as a round cake or brick form. Unlike most teas, all Pu erhs will taste better with age with fine examples of aged Pu Erh commanding extreme prices, beware of imitations!

You may notice in some listings ‘Leaf Grade’ being mentioned. Leaf grade refers to the leaf size, grade 1 being the buds down to 10 being the largest leaf size. Pu erh leaf Grades do not refer to quality, this is determined by the tea trees and the processing. Generally a higher leaf grade will give a more subtle flavour, down to the lower grades offering more bold or some times course flavours.

The unique fermentation process of ripe puerh creates natural Lovastatins and good bacteria which offers further health benefits unseen in other tea categories. Ripe’s are often recommended as the ‘go to tea’ for weight loss, Bowel or digestive issues, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardio vascular issues being among others. Marked weight Ripe tea cakes, bricks and tuo are indicative of the tea’s weight at pressing. Subsequent water loss after processing may lead to a slight reduction of stated wieght. All sales of 100g samples and under will not be effected!
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Showing 1–16 of 21 results