2014 Qiaomu Ripe Pu Erh Tea Cake


To the edge of darkness. To the brink of dank!


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2013 material. ‘Qiaomu’ literally meaning ‘recognisable tree trunk, as opposed to bush or shrub’. This cake is most likely a blend of Menghai area plantation and Da Shu. Natural Guangdong storage & you will know it! Would you like to know what a traditional Hong Kong style Ripe tastes like? Look no further. Mrs Guru takes 1 sip and is instantly reminded of home, she was brought up on stuff like this. “A beautiful HK style Ripe” she remarks. For me I absolutely agree, this tea takes it to the edge of palatable dankness, in a really good way! The dank is there but no massive basement off notes. Nice and smooth texture, hints of sweetness at the back of the cheeks and quite thirst quenching ly more-ish.

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100g, 20g, 357g Cake, 50g


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