2003 Qiaomu Menghai ‘Big Tree’ Loose Ripe Puerh Tea


A solid aged Ripe of higher than average material.

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So this loose batch was sold to us as Menghai Qiaomu ‘big tree’ material meaning generally trees of 60-80 years old on average. This I cannot account for with certainty as I have no way of verifying. I can only explain what I taste and feel.

The taste is a clean aged ripe character with a touch of earth which is pretty normal for a tea of this age, the aftertaste carries. The structure is nice and smooth. You may detect a creamy nature to this tea which would be indicative of its Menghai routes. If you are sensitive to chi you will notice it here. This leads me to believe there would be at least some Da Shu (older tree) material within.

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  1. Ioan Cristian (verified owner)

    I use to drink loose shu in a mug, before work, 1 teaspoon / cup 10 – 12 minutes. This time I felt this is worth a gong fu appreciation. All is as the Guru writes, what realy caught me on this is the body feel, as other shu pu use to owerwhelme the head, this one you feel in your whole body, in a pleasantly relaxing and awake way. Otherwise very good old shu taste, oily, sweet, somtimes camfory, with some vanilla fragrance on the lid of the tea pot, not at all boring and very long lasting – at least 10 infusions i didn’t counted but when I finished it could still be pushed a few more steeps. After a 20 sec rinse I did a few flash steeps because of it’s loose leaf nature. Highly recommend this!

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