2019 Gong Ting Ripe Stuffed Mini Citrus


2019 Menghai Ripe stuffed into an aged mini citrus…wonderful!

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We don’t like to venture to far into the ‘flavoured tea’ world, mini citrus Ripe’s are one of the exceptions! Tea material is Menghai area Gong Ting grade Ripe. 2018 Gong Ting Ripe have been stuffed into aged mini citrus fruit creating a smooth, deep citrus flavoured broth. These mini citrus can be aged for an even deeper and complex flavour! When aging please use a glass jar, no humidification needed. Each mini Lime is around 9g, +/- 1g.

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mini limes

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  1. Ben (verified owner)

    These are good. I tend to add one to a bigger pot of a regular ripe that has already been brewed a couple of times. It’s great for after lunch. Then afterwards re-brew again then cool and de-cant into the fridge to make a delicious iced tea. The citrus gives the ice tea a tang of sweetness which works well.

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