2017 Yiwu ‘kit N Caboodle’ Ripe Pu Erh Tea


Not your stereotypical Yiwu Ripe…

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This Ripe doesn’t fit the Yiwu stereotype. A batch taken from several farmers total yield, anything and everything from stalkage all the way up to Da Shu was thrown in. The broader leaf and extra long fermentation creates a ripe which is similar to a HK style ripe. Flavour is smooth, a favourable amount of earth, expansive sweetness in later infusions. Slight chi is noticeable. This tea has rested in Menghai 2017-2019. This tea is a hark of the past, most tea these days are categorised, very rarely will we find blends like this.

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  1. leonidastsianos (verified owner)

    This one is like a rocky juice. Very enjoyable for its price.

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