2017 Feng Qing F8525 Ripe Puerh Tea Cake


O.k to drink now but a great tea to stash away for future growth!

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We have previous experience with this recipe. We have (and love) the 2010 F8525. Feng Qing is an old standing and famous factory. Material is from Feng Qing, Lincang, Yunnan. The 2010 is deep, bold and beautiful, similar i would suggest to what the ‘Rooster King’ is tasting like now, albeit not so complex. Bold claims! the 2017 has some way to go but I am very sure that in a few years this humble 2017 Feng Qing will be a very note worthy Ripe! Grab it while its cheap, stash away and watch it grow into something great!

Right now this tea is thick and deep when pushed out. Very slightly earthy in flavour with a touch of cocoa and sweetness that builds around the cheeks and pallet. A solid ripe to drink now and future promise for beyond.

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