Mica Plate


The perfect way to burn your resins and woods!

Earn up to 90 Points.


These mica plates are amazing at soaking up heat which means you will experience more delicate notes and less to no burnt notes from your precious woods and resins. Can be applied directly to a stove, hot coal or even a naked flame 🔥. Perfect for burning Hojari frankincense, Agarwood, Palo Santo and absolutely essential for sandalwood which needs a low heat for the good notes to come through! Upon receiving the mica plate you will notice several sheets that can be removed, this is to help you control the heat for your session, they do not need to be removed if you so desire.

video below 👇👇👇 we only used 1/10th of a gram sinking grade Agarwood.

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Mica Sheets

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