2023 Spring Taiwanese ‘Sun Moon Lake’ Assam Black (Mrs Guru’s favourite tea)


Light, elegant with clove and pine wood notes. A classic Taiwanese Black tea.

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Sun Moon lake is in Yuchi township in Nantou county and is famous for tea production in the areas surrounding the lake. I do adore what the Taiwanese do with their Black tea’s and this is no exception. Similar to a Fujian Black in that the ‘Sun Moon’ Assam is light and delicate in character. Slightly sweet, floral with sugarcane and a signature Taiwanese clove, pine note that I find in many Black tea’s of this area is dominant.

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  1. lee (verified owner)

    I am working my way through the Guru’s hong cha 50g at a time!

    I love this elegant and refreshing tea, perfect for an afternoon session. The taste is so complex it’s hard to describe; yes there’s clove and pine, but there’s a subtle taste that I can’t put my finger, or should that be tongue, on! Leaves me with a refreshing light perspiration and calm but energised. Two thumbs up!

  2. marpag96 (verified owner)

    Tastewise so intense and yet delicate. Comparable to some Fujian blacks in its fruity character but with the spicy touch which is distinctive of most taiwanese black teas.

  3. Szilard (verified owner)

    My favourite tea as well, I did not think I would love it so much, it has that certain strong unique aroma of pine flowers and spice and it is happening at the same time, very fragrant, and sweet, very stable through infusions, and surpizingly durable for a red (black) tea, I used 6 grams for a 120 ml gaiwan, with sniffing cups, and fast wash, and 90 C water (I measured with a thermometer, it is important with black tea not to use boiling water or you get malty flavour that masks the aroma) and a short 20 second first infusion, and fast second, and third, and after that I started pushing it, such a wonderful tea, highly recomended.

  4. Matt (verified owner)

    Mrs Guru certainly has good taste.
    This tea is very delicate but full of flavour. The aroma of the dry leaves straight out of the packet gave me an almost turkish delight like note.
    After drinking there was a lingering sweetness on the sides of my tongue and a long, refreshing finish. While writing this review about 30 minutes after finishing my session I still have this feeling of lingering sweetness.
    I was able to get about 10+ infusions from this tea, wonderful all the way to the end.
    Truly delicious!

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