2019 Spring Yiwu ‘Shiahong’ Gushu Assamica Black Tea


Yiwu Gushu material. rich flavour of stewed fruits and honey.

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100% Yiwu Gushu assamica. Material from trees of at least 100 years. The leafs have been traditionally sun dried. Aroma is deep and rich in sweet stewed fruit. The aroma transmits beautifully into flavour. Expect a graceful accompaniment of stewed fruit and honey. The chi is meditative and relaxing. Balance of astringency is medium (4/10). You can push this tea out for more flavour & chi without any harsh additional astringency. The consistency is fairly smooth. These Gushu leafs will Carry you through many steeps, slowly unfurling and releasing flavour through out. A wonderful assamica.

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  1. Lee Milne (verified owner)

    This tea isn’t what I was expecting from gu shu Hong cha at all. It’s very elegant and gentle with both in flavour and in terms of energy.
    The liquor is not as thick as I was expecting, but still has a nice lubricating mouthfeel and sweet fruity taste that lingers in the mouth and throat for ages. For me this tea is quite like a nice gu shu Pu erh for mouthfeel and energy, which is relaxed and makes me feel happy and positive.
    A really great asamica which will have you reaching for the kettle again and again.

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