2017 Mengku Tea Factory ‘Linchazui’ Raw Puerh Tea Cake


An excellent collectors edition. Smooth consistency, pungent stone fruit aroma and flavour.

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The ‘Mengku Tea Factory’ is a well established big factory name. They pride on doing things slightly differently to other big factories. By processing the tea leaves up in the mountains before pressing means that no smoke will tarnish the flavour. Mengku use mountain spring water in the processing of their tea to give that “special taste”. Linchazui, literally meaning ‘tea drunk’ is a blend to show off the beauty of Mengku large leaf assamica. Selected from the best f their 2017 early spring material and blended to enhance the overall experience of the tea, especially mouthfeel and overall balance and co ordination of the flavours. This is a unique collectors edition offering from Mengku Tea Factory, ideal to drink now or to rest for future promise!

A very potent apricot stone fruit aroma that transmutes to the tea cup in flavour! A nice tonic like astringency with returning sweetness apparent. Delicate and smooth consistency with apricot aftertaste. lubricating mouthfeel and energetic chi.

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