2023 Taiwanese (bug bitten) Oolong ”Mrs Guru’s favourite Oolong Tea”


A superb tea! Bugs have been given the privilege of munching on these leaves creating a wonderful honey note.

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This Oolong is grown in Hsinchu County. Hsinchu County in northern Taiwan stretches from the west coast to the interior of the island. This area has many mountainous areas with high humidity and fog. (bug bitten) No pesticides are used in this tea garden. leaf hoppers are allowed to munch on these leafs which kick starts a chemical reaction within the leaf creating a very special and prized flavour! A must try! Honey sweet / herbal aroma. Honey sweetness, smooth texture and clean tasting brew. A strong herbal flavour comes through on the front with a very long aftertaste. A pushy grapefruit bitterness when left to steep a bit longer! Wow!

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  1. marpag96 (verified owner)

    Very sweet with a delightful peachy note that persists over the infusions. Absolutely one of the best oolongs I’ve ever tried.

  2. Matthew Hewitt (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful tea! Lovely honey sweetness for the first few infusions and I definitely tasted the grapefruit bitterness stated in the description coming out more in later infusions.
    I would highly recommend this tea to both new and experienced drinkers alike, really a must try.

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