V2 ‘Siam Simping’ Spring 2020 Borderline Gushu Puerh Tea Cake


Deep forest borderline Gushu

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!Taste the jungle! 🐒

(V2 Guangdong aged 2020-2024)

All in all this is one of the most expressive teas we’ve ever had in. In line with ExotiK, 4TheLolZ and nearly as good as our 2017 Laos Gushu Mao Cha.

100% unaltered deep forest gushu from Yiwu, kissing the border of Vietnam. What is it about these deep forest teas? They’re so shouty!! Deep forest borderline Gushu from the Chinese border of Yiwu and Vietnam. Aroma is fresh and vibrant off the rinse,

A light gold liquor. This tea is very expressive from infusion 1 with a creamy fruit frontal flavour and matching long Hiu gan. The texture is smooooth (extra o’s inserted for efeKt )😉. Infusion 3 rounds things out with more bitterness and light astringency, pretty balanced. The energising and slightly stoney chi is slow building but forceful when risen. Creeping chi like this is classic spring material.

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