2021 Spring ‘3 Trees’ Gushu Puerh Tea Cake


Material taken from 3 prominent gushu trees in protected Guoyoulin forest Yiwu.

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    • 100% Spring 2020 Guoyoulin Forest Gushu.
  • 3 trees 3kg total yield

Guoyoulin is a protected forest area in Yiwu.
A Single tree or in this case (3 tree) offering from a restricted nature reserve full of old trees will always command a high price. What can you expect from such a tea?

Single estate tea will have less complexity than a blend. Single tree will have even less complexity, usually with one very strong characteristic. In this case the 3 trees has a profound honey floral character that is noticeable throughout the infusions and particularly strong after 15 infusions. When looking at picking tea in a garden the trees will not all be growing at the same rate so leaves can be slightly older of younger than what is optimal. With single tree the tea is always picked at the perfect time. These three trees yielded a total of 3 kg of which we have received full access to.

The aroma off the rinse is pungent deep sweet and syrupy. 1st infusion is a light golden liquor. Peppery floral with sparks of sweetness and bitterness in the background. I can feel the energy around my Solar plexus and chest area. For me the energy is more of a physical sensation than a mental one, I’ve never felt chi like this before!

The tea feels so pure, A smooth mouthfeel throughout and very lubricating. A very prominent honey floral taste. This tea is very infusable. steep 15 onwards the sweetness and general frontal flavours all jumps up a notch and the energy still feels as strong as the early infusions, a proper trooper!

Spring 2020 material pressed in early 2021.

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