2015-17 ‘4THELOLZ’ Gushu Blend Raw Puerh Tea Cake


A bastard gushu creation of over 24 VIP regions. Why? 4thelolZ.

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A bastard gushu creation of over 24 VIP regions: 
Yibang,  Youle,  Manzhuan,  Gedeng, Yiwu, Wangong, Guafengzhai, Tongqinghe, Yishanmo,  Tianmenshan, Bohetang,  Mansong, Mahei, Gaoshan, Manxiu, Yangjiazhai, Mansa, Chawangshu, Daqishu, Luoshuidong, Zhangjiawan, Tongqinghe (and others). 2015-2017 material.


Deep sweetness in the aroma, a zingy almost fizzy astringency with lingering vegetal hui gan returning sweetness. Frontal syrup, almost fruity sweetness pops after a few infusions along with the discombobulating but chilled and relaxing Chi. When pushed you’ll get more of that sweetness with moderate bitterness.
The chi, aftertaste and texture is all on point here but the special attribute of this tea (for me) has to be the boundless sweetness you get when pushing this tea out, especially with long steeps later on. Truly impressive!
This Gushu production will surpass 20 infusions, treat yourself! Material collected in 2015 with careful Guangdong storage. Pressed in 2020.

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