2023 Spring Nui Lan Keng Yancha Oolong Tea


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A prestigious old bush Yancha with chi, minerality and GREAT mouthfeel!

Autumn 2023 we went on a hunt some crazy  ‘best of market’ oolongs. This is one of them!  Wispy florals, chocolate roast aroma off the warm leaf pre rinse, the rinse aroma is a pleasant roast with dark cocoa. The mineral roast flavour is here but the thing that comes instantly apparent on the first infusion is the mouth feel. It bounces around so softly in the mouth, I wonder if it’s still there! A light tonic astringency and velvet smooth soft broth that wonders down the throat effortlessly. The creeping energetic chi is icing on the cake! The roast has a nice presence but is not the star of the show, it’s all about the feels.

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