2011 Dayi (Menghai Tea Factory) ‘Spring’ Raw Puerh Tea Cake


Early Spring leaves. Powerful but sweet with slight stone fruit.

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Recently Dayi products have seen huge price rises made by the efforts of Dayi to keep all sales in house and away from Non Dayi sellers. This means wholesale prices of Dayi in China is now very close to the retail price. We have limited stock of Dayi products and honestly we’re unsure if we will continue to re stock seeing this trend. 

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On the verge of splendor! 2009 & 2011 early Spring Menghai area material. Careful Guangdong dry storage has browned off the leaves and pushed this cake a little but with no GD storage taste apparent. This cake would have been very powerful with harsh bitterness when young. The tea starts off infusion 1 being quite powerful still. infusion 2 and beyond is sweet with slight apricot/stone fruit nature. A nice stone fruit after taste. A soft aging tea with smooth texture. Later infusions the flavour may wain but the sweetness and stone fruit will carry on. This tea can only get deeper and sweeter with time! Guangdong storage 2011-2018. U.K pumador storage 2018 onwards.

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