2023 Spring ‘King’ Song Zhong Dan Cong Oolong Tea


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Autumn 2023 we went on a hunt some crazy  ‘best of market’ oolongs. This is one of them, the best tea available in Song Zhong! A very old bush DC with medium roast. A great body, balanced flavour and packed with chi!

Old bush material. A beautiful deep sweet roast off the warm leaf and rinse. An interesting salmon pink / golden broth on first infusion moving to light gold afterwards. This is an extremely balanced tea that keeps your attention as it evolves in the gaiwan over the session. An elegant and exceedingly smooth mouth feel for a Dan Cong. The liquor elegant roast with cheeky darting florals and a light sugar cane sweetness that builds upon the subtle bitterness. This tea has a tonic like astringency that is exceedingly rare in Dan Cong oolongs. To expand on this briefly, the mouth feel has a bubbly consistency as if the tea was lightly carbonated. Chi hits mid flow and is rushy / energising.

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