2023 Spring ‘King’ Qi Lan Yancha Oolong Tea


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This medium roast ‘King Of Qi Lan’ or ‘Qi Lan Wang’ Yancha comes at a very unregal price point!

Autumn 2023 we went on a hunt some crazy  ‘best of market’ oolongs. This is one of them!  Explorers of Yancha need to get this one under their belt for it’s expressively sweet orchid aroma! The Material is dark brown with patches of olive due to the lighter roast and the broth is a rich gold.

Very pleasant sweet roast aroma from the rinse. Taste is quite forwardly sweet, actually the sweetest Rock oolong I’ve ever tasted. This sweetness returns on the palete beautifully. There’s a touch of minerality that grows from infusion 2 and the sweetness develops into a complex deep ‘orchid fragrance’ which is this tea’s signature flavour.

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