2022 Spring Lao Man E Gushu Mao Cha


Experience what an aged Raw Puerh tea is all about!

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Do you have masochistic tendencies?

100% Lao Man E gushu material

2022 spring with 18 months rest in Guangzhou.

A green aroma of the dry leaf. The aroma of the rinse is savoury green moving towards sweet. A bright golden liquor. The tea remains smooth throughout but first thing you will notice is the acute bitterness that hangs on the pallet, but not in a corse way, this tea is BRILLIANTLY bitter! Savoury green notes from the 1st infusion with the ever present relentless bitterness gaining ground infusion to infusion. You can do hard with this tea. The bitterness was so acute for me on infusion 4 that it completely took over my palate creating a wave of what I can only describe as ‘bitterness flavour’. A sweet hui gan emerges and frontal sweetness emerges and things start to get more civilised later on. The chi is energetic and pushy.

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