2021 Spring ‘Man O’ War’ Nannuo Gushu Puerh Tea Cake


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100% Nannuo Gushu, 0% comprise. Material hailing from 竹林寨 (literally bamboo forest village) which is adjacent to famous ‘Ban Po’. There are similarities between these two places but Bamboo Forest Village has its own signature astringency.

Aroma off the rinse is full of life, a sweet syrupy apricot. We noticed a lovely returning sweetness coupled with a tonic like bubbly astringency on the first cup. Mouthfeel is quite bouncy smooth. The golden liquor washed like silk down my throat. Rising chi from infusion 1. Lingering bitterness creates a comforting herbal / green aftertaste. The bitterness rises along side the creeping chi and frontal sweetness. I would describe this chi as being forcefully drowsy / chilled.

All in all quite a powerful tea that will stimulate the taste buds whilst relaxing the mind.

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1 Tong (5 cakes), 100g, 200g Cake, 20g, 50g


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