2019 Spring ‘Berg’ Yiwu Gaoshan Gushu White


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100% Spring Yiwu Gao Shan Gushu Material.

Limited stock: 15 cakes only (3kg pressing)

There is an unmissable and truly remarkable aroma that lies within all high grade White tea that I’ve tried, Berg is no exception, it is abundant here! Once the water hits the leaf this syrupy, autumnal red berry nostril candy projects the air around the gong fu’er. The broth is super clean with a toffee bronze complexion. The texture is wonderfully soft and the liquor is salivating. The flavour is balanced with very soft astringency and veil of red berries. The creeping chi is a classical relaxing Goa Shan meditative feeling. Experiment yourself with brewing times. Light brewing will offer relaxing relaxing experience with subtle nuances whereas going hard will offer more robustness and comforting  structur and flavours. White tea is a breed that needs time to shine, I’m super happy on how far this tea has come in only 2 years. This is a cake that has huge potential for further growth in flavour & chi in the future!

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