2018 Spring ‘Puerh?’ Wild Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake


A borderline Laos/Yunnan Wild Raw. Pungent aroma with delicate taste of fruits.

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Limited edition only 30 cakes pressed!

‘Puerh?’? Well, We’re unsure as to exactly which country the tea trees that were used to harvest this cake are from! A tea can only be called ‘Puerh’ if it originates from Yunnan. Our plucky tea explorers were in the jungle following the borderline between Laos & Yunnan. This trek consisted of many twists and turns. The actual country that this newly discovered natural tea garden belongs too is currently in dispute. The trees used to create these cakes were of around 70-100 years of age. The aroma is quite pungent, similar to our Laos Gu Shu Maocha, not as fruity, I little more vegetative. A light, almost metallic astringency, light herbal aftertaste. Astringency grows along with a delicate taste of fruits over the coming infusions. The chi is calming.  Sweetness and flavour opens up after around 4/5 infusions.

A truly wild tea grown naturally with no pesticides!

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100g, 200g Cake, 20g, 50g


  1. Lee Milne

    Another good da shushu offering.
    Similar character to the “Yiwu wild”, not such an intense mouth coating and the taste is lighter and more fruity. A good tea for the price and a good one for ageing I think. Another pleasant tea session and 👍👍

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