2013 ‘Defiance’ Bulang Old Tree Raw Puerh Tea Cake


BIG peach/apricot stone-fruit notes. A high level material Bulang production

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Be defiant with your inner truths, ALWAYS!

Original photograph taken around 1890 In a time when tattooing was actually illegal in Japan and is still shunned by mainstream society even today. What may be considered distasteful to some may be a thing of beauty and pride to another.  Never let the bastards bring you down and be defiant with your inner truths, ALWAYS!

Guangdong stored since 2013 but the ‘brutal Bulang’ cake doesn’t seem to exhibit strong signs of this (taste wise). This old tree Da Shu Bu Lang blend production carries the aroma of peach/apricot. Flavour is mellow to start but builds to a very overt, apricot/stone fruity number! Infusion 2 onward offers a fulfilling apricot/peach taste that just carries. Lingering bitterness and returning sweetness noticeable. This tea does particularly well in Yixing clay.

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