V2 ‘ExotiK’ 2020 Spring Laos Gushu Raw Puerh Tea


Deep forest Laos Gushu

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It’s been 3 years since our last Laos Gu Shu offering, long awaited by the few that know of this tea, we give you 2020 Spring ‘ExotiK’!

This V2 edition has been aged in Guangdong 2020-2023. This material is 100% deep forest Loas jungle Gu Shu, take a look at the picture we were sent. Loas tea has its unique fruity profile but is not strictly ’Puerh’. That name can only be given to Yunnan tea. With the ever inflating prices of Yunnan the speculation of Laos tea is growing as producers look for quality tea with better margins to blend. We however prefer to admire this tea for what it is…

The dry leaf carries a green and fruity aroma. The aroma of the rinse is pungent syrup / fruity notes. The light golden broth is creamy soft with light tonic astringency. The odd burp may be excused! A fairly punchy profile that is fruity sweet, mineral with complex lingering hui gan that is creamy sweet/ fruity. The lazy spring chi will creep on you slowly and is meditative and energising. When pushed the Laos will respond with more bubbly astringency and flavour!

This tea is tasting great now but as with all teas that have been processed to go the distance, it will open up even more over the coming months and years!

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