‘Rawgasm’ 2019 Spring Bing Dao Gushu Puerh Tea


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  • 100% Bing Dao Mountain Gushu Material
  • Small batch, 10 cakes/2kg produced 

Bing Dao, one of, if not the most sought after puerh  tea region. The best Gushu to come out of Bing Dao Village is snapped up at truly stratospheric prices. I’ve heard $26,000 a kilo. This is what happens when  super low supply meets super high demand. There’s always some rich city guy willing to spend the readies for a chance to serve up his mates with ‘the best’ when they pop over.

Bing Dao Mountain as a region covers more than the famed BD village with Material of a variety of prices and quality. This offering is a wonderful, balanced and expressive Bing Dao Gushu worthy of this price.

When I tasted this tea I received a tea memory I will never forget. The profile Really spoke to me.  When I was half way through the infusions I raised my fist in the air and said “yes”! Have you found your ‘grail’ tea? The tea that you know is out there somewhere, the one you’ve been searching for to give you that ‘Rawgasm!’ I’m lucky to have found it here.

The Taste:

Off the rinse the aroma of the leaf is slightly green with life and deep sweetness. The broth is a clear deep gold. As you would expect the consistency is smooth and soft. Slight peppery, balanced bitterness/ astringency with herbal note and an unmistakable buttery , creamy hui gan (aftertaste) and creeping chi from the first cup! The liquid rolls down the throat effortlessly and promotes salivation.

Things get exciting when pushed out. More balanced bitterness/astringency and flavour, almost Dan Cong oolong levels of flavour! The aftertaste is strong and long lasting. The creeping Spring Chi will build and is calming and dreamy.

I reserve high praise only for the worthy and this tea is fully deserving! Treat yourself and grab a sample of some of the best tea we have ever come across.

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