2018 Mengku Tea Factory ‘Wild Arbor King’ Raw Puerh Tea Cake


A famous Wild Arbor recipe from the Mengku brand. balanced minerality, bitterness and slightly sweet.

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‘Mengku Tea Factory’ has it’s routes from being a state owned & run but now a private company. A large tea factory (with a difference). Initial processing for it’s tea takes place in the mountainous areas of Mengku (Lincang) before being taken down to the central processing factory. By carrying out processing outside of the factory environment means no smokey taste! something that is normally found in a ‘big factory’ tea. Mengku use mountain water doing it’s processing which they would like you to believe gives their tea that “special taste”! For a big factory, Mengku really knows how to carefully produce good tea on mass.

Wild Arbor King is one of this factories most prized offerings. Wild Arbor Mengku area material is used to make this cake. the taste carries a decent Mengku minerality and delicate sweetness. Blind tasting this tea I noticed an alert and energising Chi from the first cup! nice balanced astringency, smooth and sometimes induced salivation. a slight floral aftertaste. later infusions will bring out more vegetative notes.

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100g, 20g, 500g cake, 50g


  1. Carlo (verified owner)

    Lovely tea!

    Sweet background taste and right at the back of the throat almost like honey. Balanced astringent component. At first brew, it’s almost medicinal, I get woody Chinese herbs and a little wild flower sort of taste. Third brew is decidedly fungal, so, so beautiful! At about sixth brew it’s sweet and all throughout, it has a wonderful mouthfeel. Great Cha Qi comes off this one. Makes me fly every time I brew it!

  2. Ben (verified owner)

    I bought one of these Wild Arbor cakes and another of the Spring Tips.
    This is the better of the two. Delicious, with a strong qi. It’s the best unaged raw I’ve tried.

  3. Lee Milne (verified owner)

    This was the first raw Puerh that I ever tasted the 2014 version. I was blown away by it then and this production is even better. The smell of the dry leaves makes my mouth water in anticipation! The smell off the rinse is nice; floral/herbal and very sweet. The first couple of infusions are light with good mineralogy, a floral/herbal flavours coming through and a nice mouthfeel. The cha Qi is very apparent after 2 infusions, and hits hard! It can be bitter and astringent if pushed, like a so flash brewing is advised. A great tea at the price; £40 for 500g is a steal!

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