2019 Yiwu Mountain Tea ‘Yiwu Early Spring Arbor Tree’


A 70-100 year old Yiwu tree blend

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Philip Lee of ‘Yiwu Mountain Tea’ is a Scottish expat living in Guangzhou with family ties to a tea farm in Gao Shan ‘Yiwu’. We took a visit to see him and his wife at their shop in Guangzhou on our recent 2017 tea trip. Philip is extremely knowledgeable in Yiwu area tea and has endless passion for Gu Shu. We were blown away by his offerings as i’m sure you will be too!

These 380g cakes are comprised of a spring blend taken from several regions of Yiwu. All old tree Da Shu material 70-100 year old tree’s.

The aroma of the wet leaves from this ‘not quiet Gushu’ is typical Yiwu with slight stone fruit and minerality. Colour of the broth is a very light yellow. Soft bite with a very highly textured consistency. Milky / cream like front with hints of sweetness and layered bitterness/ astringency in early steeps. Chi is noticeably increasing through the session and is relaxing. Sweetness and stone fruit notes will expand with the later steeps and a subtle aftertaste is apparent. All in all a classic, easy going, balanced, good quality young Yiwu 👍.

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