2013 YMT Wangong Spring Gushu Puerh Tea Cake


An opportunity to taste Gu Shu from this exclusive region of Yiwu.

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An offering from Yiwu Mountain Tea, 100% 2013 Wangong Gu Shu material. Careful Guangdong storage. A rare opportunity to try an ageing Gu Shu from this exclusive region!

The aroma from washing the wet leaf is strong in classic Yiwu ageing sweetness. From the first sip you will notice a frontal apricot sweetness and rock like mineral notes. By the end of the first cup the aftertaste takes hold. Six years in Guangdong with careful storage has rounded off this tea with no outwardly noticeable caveats. The beginnings of GZ storage taste is just creeping in. The broth is very smooth indeed, it almost bounces around in the mouth! Where this tea sits now is perfectly quaffable, if one can tolerate the onslaught of chi that is! Meditative but high energy around the chest area, the force is strong 💪, don’t tell the feds 🚨. Balanced bitterness and astringency levels, 3.5/10. Wan Gong is pipped to be the next ‘Bing Dao’ by some and currently sits at rank 6 on the ‘most exclusive mountain’ list…if there was one! Wan Gong is home to the highest altitude tea gardens in all of Yiwu ‘1800m’ and access to the area is slow. Motorbike and paths being the only way in.

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