2018 YMT Spring Mahei Gu Shu Puerh Tea Cake


100% Gushu material from Mahei ‘Yiwu’

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Mehei in Yiwu is a prestigious tea region subject to many counterfeits and not so genuine blends! Yiwu Mountain Tea have tea gardens in Gao Shan and strong links to farmers all across Yiwu. They pride themselves in the cakes they offer, supplying 100% genuine Gu Shu material from high demand areas of Yiwu.

Hints of sweetness & peach in the aroma, this is carried well into the first cup. The frontal flavours from round two are more apparent. Mineral notes, frontal sweetness, a touch of stone fruit and enough bitterness & astringency to hold it all together nicely. Sweetness envelopes the pallet with a welcome long lasting aftertaste. Chi is very noticeable…all this from round 2! The liquor is super clean and bright. It’s hard to transmit the overall character of this tea in words. I guess you just need to try some 😀.

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