2020 Spring Yiwu ‘Shaihong’ Old Tree Assamica Black Tea


50-70 year old trees, clean, pure tasting and satisfying, simply a must try black!

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‘Shaihong’ literally meaning sun dried gives testament to the natural drying process this tea goes through. Pure 2020 Spring material from Yiwu trees of average age 50-70 years, withered and processed in the traditional manor, a laborious process but very worth it! A fruity aroma from the dry leaf. Deep rich and oily with a touch of malt off the rinse. Dried apricots and almost a black pepper spice to early infusions. This Assamica is perfectly balanced to create a brew with powerful flavour, oily fruit and balanced astringency and lubricating mouth feel. This strikes the balance for a yunnan black tea for me, clean, pure tasting and satisfying, simply a must try black!

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  1. lee (verified owner)

    I really like hong cha, especially old tree air dried hong cha like this. The smell off the wet leaves is intense dried fig/dates/a bit cocoa. The taste is similar, with that typical Assamica “maltyness” coming through. This tea is super infusable. I used 3 grammes in my 60ml gaiwan and after 10 infusions it was still going strong! For me the thing that stands out about this tea is the cha qi: very relaxing and a bit “drunk” after 10 little cups. Lovely 🖒🖒

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