2020 Old Bush ‘Honey Orchid’ Dan Cong


Brimming with roasted citrus notes!


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Honey Orchid ‘Mi Lan Xiang’ is one of our all time favorite Dan Cong’s and this is the best Honey Orchid we have ever had in stock! Dan Cong Is an Oolong from the Phoenix mountain range in Guangdong. The material of this tea is old tree, average 50-80 years of age. The aroma is dynamic with roasted citrus tones. The texture is fairly smooth. The flavour is bursting with roasted notes and deep citrus and an aftertaste that carries. The taste might be dynamic but the tea as a whole is graceful making this an overall top mark Dan Cong experience! try me!

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  1. Stephen (verified owner)

    I’ve been meaning to leave some reviews for a while, having bought a small amount some time ago. I don’t recall trying any Dan Cong, so didn’t really know what to expect. The first time I brewed this was what I call ‘European’ style… 2.5g leaf/250ml water at 90° and brewed in a pot for 3 minutes. I really enjoyed it, but this wasn’t what this tea deserves. A few days ago I had a ‘proper’ gong fu session… Wow! This tea really showed its nature… Wonderful fresh, juicy notes (citrussy mango?), particularly on the 2nd and 3rd steeps that were swamped previously. Beautiful!

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