V2 2018 ‘ASBO’ Spring Jinggu ‘Yesheng’ Purple Tea Cake


A delicate and pure tasting Purple tea with long afteraste.

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Limited edition only 30 cakes pressed!

(V2, Guangdong Aged 2018-2024).
We sourced this wonderfully delicate purple tea in early 2018 and have now pressed a selection of the mao cha (loose leaf) into cakes! Popularity and speculation in Purple tea is rising. ‘Yesheng’ (literally meaning ‘wild born’) Purple, as a tea has traditionally been offered as ‘wild arbor’ as its a naturally occurring varietal but the increase of recent interest has resulted in new plantations popping up! This material is plantation or ‘terrace’ tea of Jinggu County Yunnan. The 5 years Guangdong ageing has very much deepened this tea in aroma and flavour.  Pure tasting with a delicate but syrupy aroma for the first 2 infusions leading to a light but pure (wild tasting) ‘Purple tea’ flavour without any harsh or brash Purple tea elements. Vegetal, Umami, floral all at once with just enough bitterness & astringency to balance the tea out. This carries into a satisfying ‘Purple’ aftertaste. A refreshing purple at a great price point! Mr Guru noticed a very powerful Chi from this tea but ‘Chi’ is subjective!

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200g Cake, 20g, 50g, 100g


  1. Aki

    The 20g sample was very nicely prepared consisting of large chunks and whole leaves. I personally like to brew young shengs using a small 65ml gaiwan starting with ~90C non-tap(!) water for the first few infusions gradually increasing to 95-100C. The resulting tea had a complex, mouth-watering sweet taste with little bitterness and astringency and an energising yet grounding effect.

  2. Gemma Wright (verified owner)

    WOW. Asbo truly lives up to its name! First it punches you in the palate with that satisfying “Witness me!” purple tea power, before giving way to the fruity astringency I love so much about yesheng. Qi from the first cup, which grew over the session.

    A definite must-have sheng for the warmer weather. Delicious!

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