V2 2018 Spring Man Zhuan Da Shu Raw Puerh Tea Cake


Fair lubricating mouthfeel. Honey nectar sweetness and apricot finish.

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This batch number two was pressed at the same time as the original batch one although these cakes have been sitting in Guandong For the last 6 years (2018-2024) meaning that they have benefited from more humid storage. As a result the flavour and feeling of this cake has definitely rounded off compared to our original cakes stored in UK.

In its early days this tea was sweet, like young and bright sweetness. Now the sweetness has deepened and melded with the GD aged notes to create something quite intriguing. Everything about this cake has deepened. If you take a short rest between infusions you should notice a deep, sweet aftertaste. The broth is deep golden. Texture is fair to smooth. Feel free to push this tea out for more sweetness, flavour and bitter kick with no caveats. Chi is lightly energetic.

Man Zhuan is one of the original 6 famous tea mountains of Xishuangbanna. It lies in Yiwu area, north of Yiwu town. This cake is comprised of 100% Spring Man Zhuan area tea from trees 60-80 years of age. Slightly fruity aroma on dry leafs, quite pungent aroma in the cup. High minerality with a tidy amount of background honey / nectar sweetness. Smooth with fairly lubricating mouthfeel, no mouth pucker. A satisfying spike of astringency to hold things together. Slight chi on 2nd cup. Sweetness pops on infusion 3 with a long lasting sweet apricot aftertaste being introduced. Delicate but very sweet. Chi is chilled / energetic.

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1 Tong (5 cakes), 100g, 200g Cake, 20g, 50g


  1. lee

    I new I’d like this tea as soon as I opened the bag 😁
    The aroma off the dry leaves is very strong, fruity – savory nice.
    The aroma off the rinse is more of the same. It takes a couple of infusions to get going, but after no 3 it’s giving a really nice stone fruit flavour, with a clinging sweetness in the sides of the mouth and a gentle energetic chi that I find very pleasant.
    Out of the 5 2018 da Shu’s on offer it’s between this and the Yiwu wild for my favourite.

  2. Christopher Wills

    Lively sweetness with a touch of punch if you brew it strong, very enjoyable, keeps you coming back for another cup!

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