2018 Spring Man Zhuan Da Shu Raw Puerh Tea Cake


Fair lubricating mouthfeel. Honey nectar sweetness and apricot finish.


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Limited edition only 30 cakes pressed!

Man Zhuan is one of the original 6 famous tea mountains of Xishuangbanna. It lies in Yiwu area, north of Yiwu town. This cake is comprised of 100% Spring Man Zhuan area tea from trees 60-80 years of age. Slightly fruity aroma on dry leafs, quite pungent aroma in the cup. High minerality with a tidy amount of background honey / nectar sweetness. Smooth with fairly lubricating mouthfeel, no mouth pucker. A satisfying spike of astringency to hold things together. Slight chi on 2nd cup. Sweetness pops on infusion 3 with a long lasting sweet apricot aftertaste being introduced. Delicate but very sweet. Chi is minimal and energetic.

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100g, 200g Cake, 20g, 50g


  1. lee

    I new I’d like this tea as soon as I opened the bag 😁
    The aroma off the dry leaves is very strong, fruity – savory nice.
    The aroma off the rinse is more of the same. It takes a couple of infusions to get going, but after no 3 it’s giving a really nice stone fruit flavour, with a clinging sweetness in the sides of the mouth and a gentle energetic chi that I find very pleasant.
    Out of the 5 2018 da Shu’s on offer it’s between this and the Yiwu wild for my favourite.

  2. Christopher Wills

    Lively sweetness with a touch of punch if you brew it strong, very enjoyable, keeps you coming back for another cup!

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