V2 2018 Spring ‘Yiwu Wild’ Raw Puerh Tea Cake


100% wild da shu material taken from a secret tea garden in Yiwu.

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Every now and then a tea can stop you in your tracks and surprise you!

This V2 has spent 5 years careful ageing in Guangdong. The results are beautiful! Read on…

The 2018 ‘Yiwu Wild’ is 100% wild tree Da Shu, tree’s of around 80 years of age taken from a secret tea garden on the borders of Yiwu area. This batch was the very first to be harvested ever from this place. My wholesaler had exclusive rights to the sale of this material. Being a wild tea there would have been no use of pesticide or fertiliser.

Light notes of tobacco on the heated gaiwan. Deep peachy stone fruit aroma off the rinse. This deep peachy stone fruit carries wonderfully into the 1st infusion with a healthy returning sweetness. The tea has rounded off very nicely. Light bitterness, mouthfeel is soft of course, This is a soft and overtly sweet number that everyone can enjoy. If your a fan of the wonderful Gua Feng Zhai we have in then you will also adore this wild pressing. Meditative chi creeps like a ninja doing great Buddhas work nicely. Perfect tea for contemplation 🙏

Please note you will not be able to claim any site wide promotions or offers against the 1 Tong (7cakes) option although Guru points will still be accrued when purchasing!

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1 Tong (7 cakes), 200g Cake, 20g, 50g, 100g


  1. Lee Milne

    I just received 20grms of this as part of 2018 Guru da shu sample pack. Couldn’t decide which one to buy.

    I’m a fan of wild tea in general, if its from Yiwu, even better!
    This is no disappointment. Super clean mineral rich taste, you can tell this tea is from a pristine environment, no pesticides etc
    The taste is not as “wild” as other wild teas Ive tried.. Absolutely delicious. Hard to describe, but nicely coating the mouth and throat with a long lasting hui gan (sweetness) and a bomb of almost tranquilizing chi.
    Cant wait to try the other teas in the pack.

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