2018 Spring ‘Yiwu Wild’ Raw Puerh Tea Cake


100% wild da shu material taken from a secret tea garden in Yiwu.


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Limited edition only 30 cakes pressed!

Every now and then a tea can stop you in your tracks and surprise you!

The 2018 ‘Yiwu Wild’ is 100% wild tree Da Shu, tree’s of around 80 years of age taken from a secret tea garden on the borders of Yiwu area. My wholesaler has exclusive rights to the sale of this material. Being a wild tea there would have been no use of pesticide or fertiser. It will take a couple of infusions to get going but will go the distance. The tea has a satisfying thick mouthfeel and is very infusable, (easily 15+ infusions). The flavour is fascinating and nothing like we have ever tasted before in a raw puer. Deep vegetative notes coupled with a very noticeable nut character that dominates and a Chi that is apparent.

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