2005 Heavy Roast ‘Dong Ding’ Oolong


Deep roasted notes, clean and clear broth.

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2005 average grade Taiwanese ‘Dong Ding’ Oolong that has been sealed with a heavy roast. With this ‘Heavy Roast’ aged Oolong you can expect a deep roasted flavour throughout infusions. Consistency of the tea is light (a great summer thirst quencher!). The brew is a clean, clear orange in the cup and is very infusable. Feel free to use a high leaf content for optimum results.

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100g, 20g, 50g


  1. lee

    First off, I would say that this tea has improved since Oli made that video.
    It’s not at all 1 dimensional now (May 2020).
    I ordered this by mistake- wanted some “fresh dong ding – but I’m glad to say it was a happy accident 😁
    Hard to describe the flavour; somewhere between green dong ding and a light roasted DHP. The broth is smooth and actually quite thick, if you put 7 grams to 100ml of water, very hot and a bit longer infusions. The aftertaste lingers with a nice lubricating mouth feel.
    A very mellow, spring/summer afternoon Slurper.

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